Crepe Back Satin Cape - Lined
(Main Picture Right)
- Floor Length £300
- Long Length £350
Shell and Lining 100% Polyester

Crepe Back Satin Cape - Single Layer
With shiny side inwards.
- £200
100% Polyester

Capes in Duchesse Satin are the same prices as above
for the crepe back satin. Also 100% Polyester.

Chiffon Cape
Available in various colours priced at £150.
100% Polyester.

To Order a cape please add it to your order form in the accessories section when ordering your dress, or if just ordering a cape then please select 'Cape' from the menu and the style from the dropdown menu.
Our Capes are available in a range of colours in crepe back satin, duchesse satin or sheer chiffon and look great as an accessory or to help keep you a bit warmer if needed.
Crepe Back Satin Single layer capeSingle Layer Duchesse Satin CapeLined Duchesse Satin Cape
Solid & Sheer fabric Capes

Cape in Chiffon
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