Gothic Wedding Dresses

Are you searching for a provider of unique gothic wedding dresses?

Rivendell Bridal are a unique wedding dress designer and producer offering a collection of unique medieval, fantasy and Celtic dresses. The mind behind Rivendell Bridal, Emily Jane, personally handles the design and production process. She works closely with all customers to ensure that their dress is perfect.

Rivendell Bridal have a varied collection of eleven standard designs, all inspired by pagan beliefs such the Earth and the natural environment. Each design can be completely customised and incorporate unique features that you require, or design aspects taken from our other dresses. Dress designs are available in a full range of colours including standard silk white, ivory, silver, gold and additional specialist colours such as peridot green, lavender and ice blue. If you have specific colour requirements we will make every effort to find the perfect shade for you.

If you wish to order a dress from Rivendell Bridal please follow our unique booking process. Initially a booking is made to reserve a time slot in which your dress will be produced. Production will normally begin three months before your wedding, giving ample time to produce a great dress and arrange fittings and any adjustments. To reserve a time slot we require a deposit but payment for your dress is not required before production begins.

Rivendell Bridal are also happy to offer a range of groom wear so you can create the perfect gothic wedding. Groom wear includes traditional Victorian or Celtic style jackets, shirts, trousers, cravats and waistcoats. Our groom wear can be made in the same colour and fabric as the bridal gown so the happy couple match and their respective clothing creates a sense of continuity.

If you would like to order one of our dresses you can do so online or visit our studio in Taunton, Somerset. The studio is perfectly located, only a short distance from the train station. All guests are welcome to come, discuss their ideas and examine the sample dresses we have. We only have a very small number of sample dresses available due to our process of hand-making every dress to order. If a dress is available in your size we are happy to let you try it on. If you order online we will send you sample materials so you can choose the perfect one for you.

You can call us directly at either 01278 741754 (in the UK) or 44 1278 741754 to discuss your ideas and requirements.